Board of Directors

Datuk Haji Abu Hanifah Bin Noordin

Datuk Hj. Hanifah Noordin is the first

director of the company and has been on the

board since incorporated in August 2014. He

graduated from University Malaya with an

Honours Degree in Economics in 1973 and

subsequently qualified as a Chartered

Accountant and Certified Public Accountant

in 1976. He was a practicing accountant for

more than 20 years and was the President

and Managing Partner of Ernst & Whitney(

now known as Ernst & Young) for more than

9 years.

       He also served as the President of the

Malaysian institute of Accountants in

1987 and led the Institute for 13 years until

2000. In that capacity, he also served as a

board member of the International 

Accounting Standards Committee.

        He had also served on the boards of

several public limited companies and

government-linked companies. Currently, he

is an independant Non- Executive Deputy

Chairman of Mega First Corporation Berhad.

        Datuk Hj. Hanifah is the Chief Executive

Officer and substantial shareholder of

Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd and a

Managing Director of Datasonic Berhad.

       He is also Director for Offshore 

Solutions (L) Berhad and Pristine 

Offshore Sdn Bhd. 

Mr Chew Ben Ben

Mr. Chew Ben Ben joined the board in

August, 2014. He graduated from University

Kebangsaan Malaysia in 1988 with a

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.).

He began his career when he joined KL

Mutual Fund Berhad as an Investment Officer

and a member of the Fund Management

Committee in 1989. In 1990, he became a

dealer’s representative in TA Securities Sdn 

Bhd and subsequently joined Inter-Pacific 

Securities Sdn Bhd as dealer’s representative

from 1991 to 2002.

        He joined Mentiga Corporation Berhad 

as a Non- Executive Director in 2003 and was

later promoted to Executive Director in 2004.

He joined Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd, the

substantial shareholder of the company as a

consultant in 2005, and was later appointed

as a Director of Datasonic Corporation Sdn 

Bhd (“Datasonic Corporation“) which was the

subsidiary company of the company in 2006.

Subsequently, he assumed the position of

Executive Director in Datasonic Corporation 

Sdn Bhd in 2008 and later became its

Managing Director in June 2011. 

      He involves in the corporate planning and

strategic development and is assisting the

Managing Director in the overall management

and business development of the company.

Currently he is the Deputy Managing Director

of Datasonic Berhad.

​​ He is also Director for Offshore

Solutions (L) Berhad and Pristine Offshore Sdn Bhd 

Handrianov Putra Bin Abu Hanifah

Mr Handrianov graduated from

Limkokwing University in 2010 with a

Diploma in MultimediaAdvertising & 

Broadcasting. He has also obtained his

Bachelor of Communication from HELP 


   He began his career when he joined

Dibena Enterprise Sdn Bhd, the promoter

and substantial shareholder of the company

in 2008. as a director of Public Relations.

Subsequently in 2010, he assumed the

position of Executive Director in Dibena 

Enterprise Sdn Bhd and Dibena 

Technologies Sdn Bhd as well as all the

subsidiaries companies in the group. He also

holds directorship in several private limited

companies. Currently is an Executive Director

of Datasonic Group Berhad.